Fearlessness through gentleness

Working on Fear and Fearlessness, through gentleness.

“Gentleness is not self-indulgence or selfishness.  It is a kind of tenderness and appreciation for yourself, allowing space and warmth around difficult emotions.  It leads to gratitude and appreciation, and in time to fearlessness: it is a way of gaining strength so you can open to the world rather than protecting yourself from fearful situations in a cocoon.  Stepping out of the fear that something is going to hurt you, train to open your heart and develop the trust in yourself to be able to keep your mind open to the world.

Gentleness in your own life: contemplate how you experience agression and harshness towards yourself, and feeling you are not good enough and have to protect yourself.  These create fearful situations.  Seeing your unkindness towards yourself, cultivate a sense of gentleness towards anything that might make you uncomfortable.  Many people in the world today are experiencing this.   What are the uncomfortable consequences on the earth of us being so unkind to ourselves?”

My summary of Pema Chödrön’s messages on videos on Facebook (20.03.2016