Resilience and Non-Violent Communication


Fundamental Human Needs – Manfried Max-Neef.  Three statements to improve living conditions: 1. Development is about people and not about things. 2. Fundamental human needs are finite, limited in number, and classifiable. 3. Fundamental human needs are the same in all cultures and in all historical periods.

Mindfulness handout and a free course

Microaggression when the aggressor claims to be unaware of any negative act…

Grieving – Dealing with Grief

Non-Violent Communication

The Empathic Civilisation – the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.

The power of words – Change your words, change your world.

Children: Your Children are not your children,… (Khalil Gibran)  and Children Learn What They Live (Dorothy Nolte)

Barack Obama on Empathy 2006

An incredibly powerful poem in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.

The Mask

Always a mask
Held in the slim hand whitely
Always she had a mask before her face–

Truly the wrist
Holding it lightly
Fitted the task;
Sometimes however
Was there a shiver,
Fingertip quiver,
Ever so slightly–
Holding the mask?

For years and years and years I wondered
But dared not ask
And then–
I blundered,
Looked behind the mask,
To find
She had no face.

She had become
Merely a hand
Holding a mask
With grace.

–Author unknown

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