1st Verbs

Starting to learn a new language means learning words with their meanings. Verbs are important because they can be life savers, and are not always easy to mime.  Over the years,  a selection of 12 absolutely essential verbs, and 32 other very useful verbs have been selected.  The most needed words first: these are are in bold. Key verb lists started with English, Turkish, French and Dutch. Now versions for Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Spanish and Russian have been added.

  • Print out the A4 page, either black and white on ordinary paper, or colour print on thicker paper.  Cut the 45 pieces. Yes, one is blank.  This is the joker, but if you lose a piece, it is the spare card…
  • Start with the 12 bold verbs to develop new neural connections.  How many can you recognise?  
  • Add some of the 32 verbs that you know.  Taking one piece at a time, how easily can you recognise the words? Play with the ones you know: create a story, using a new verb in each sentence.  Aim for MEANİNG ONLY, without worrying about mistakes.

For practicing fluency in your new language, also use these simple well-known words.  Write each verb on a piece of paper; pull one randomly (out of a bag/box) and make a sentence – the next player’s sentence continues the story.  Focus on meaning: can others understand what you say/write?  Grammar and mistakes are not important for speaking; correct them with lots of reading.  The more you use your new language, the stronger the connections in your brain between the new word and the meaning.

These can also be a fun way to create stories with children, when at home during Coronavirus lockdown…

A beginner learner can say many things with few words when they use negatives, simple modals, and key words:

  • ‘not same’ = ‘different’
  • ‘not go’ = ‘don’t go’ / ‘she didn’t go’ /  ‘it won’t go’
  • now, here, tomorrow, … please!

The original verbs are ENGLISH Verbs  12-32 English verbs

and below are the equivalents for Farsi, French, Italian, Russian 12-32 Глаголы По-русски, Spanish, and Turkish.

12-32 Farsi Verbs12-32 French Verbs12-32 Italian Verbs12-32 Spanish Verbs12-32 Turkce Fiil12-32 Глаголы По-русски




DUTCH verbs:

begrijpen, brengen, denken, doen, drinken, etengaangeven, glimlachen, houden, kijkenkomenleren, lezen, liefde, lopen, luisteren, maken, nemen, openen, proberen, schrijven, spelen, spreken, staan, tarten, stoppen, te sluiten, vergeten, verkopen, verlaten, wachten, wandelen, weten, werken, willen, zeggen, zitten,

ENGLISH Adjectives:

afraid, bad, beautiful, big, cheap, clean, clever, cold, different, difficult, dirty, dry, easy, empty, expensive, fast, full, good, happy, hard, heavy, hot, left, light, long, new, old, poor, rich, right, same, short, slow, small, soft, strong, stupid, tall, thick, thin, ugly, wet, wrong, young

TURKISH Adjectives:

ağır, aptal, aynı, boş, büyük, çirkin, dolu, eski, fakir, genç, güçlü, güzel, hafif, hızlı, islak, ince, iyi, kalın, kısa, kirli, kolay, kuru, kötü, küçük, mutlu, pahalı, sağ, sert, sıcak, sol, soğuk, temiz, ucuz, uzun, yanlış, yasli, yavas, yeni, yumusak, zengin, zeki, zor

TURKİSH-ENGLİSH FREEBIE WORDS – With the same meaning and nearly the same pronunciation in English and Turkish, you will know these words even before you start to learn Turkish:

  • Academic, academy, accent, acid, acoustic, acrobacy, active, actor, actress, address, aggressive, alarm, album, aluminium,alternative, ambulance, analysis, anatomy apartment, arithmetic, astronaut, athlete, ATM, atmosphere, atom
  • Bacteria, bandage, bank, basketball, biography
  • Cafe, cake, camera, canteen, capacity, card, catalog, category, centigrade, certificate, cinema, classic, control, cramp, culture
  • Dance, defence, diet, digital, dinosaur, diploma, diplomat, diplomatic, disk, doctor, dollar, dynamic
  • Ecology, economy, electric, electronic, energy, erosion, ethnic, euro, extra
  • Faculty, fanatic, fantastic, festival, film, fanatic, finance, football, fossil
  • Galaxy, gallery, garage, guitar, gram, group,
  • Handball, hamburger, handball, harmony, helicopter
  • Instrument, irony,
  • Jacket, jazz, judo
  • Karate, kebab, kilo
  • League, list, litre, logo
  • Mafia, magic, mandolin, massage, match, mathematics, mechanic, media, message, meteor, microscope, molecule, motor, music
  • Natural, normal
  • Office, OK, omelette, orchestra
  • Panic, pardon, park, passive, period, photograph, physics, piano, pizza, plastic, police, polyester, practical, professor, program, protein, protocol, psychology,
  • Quality
  • Radio, reflex, restaurant, rocket
  • Sandwich, saxophone, service, spaghetti, sport, stable, statistics, strategy, super, surprise, symphony, symptom, system
  • Taxi, technology, telephone, television, tennis, tourism, tourist, train, transfer, tunnel
  • University
  • Video, virus, volcano, volleyball
  • Yogurt

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