Chicken translation

Chicken translation is a literal translation of ‘Tavuk Çevirme’, one of the many mis-translations found on ‘tourist menus’ in English, or “something-like-English”.  Also see Chicken Translation Gems, and some Turkish tourism translation photos

Reverse Chickens = Worst possible translations of certain English expressions, into Turkish

I learnt many Turkish expressions by translating word for word. Turkish is a beautifully creative language, and so rationally logical that it is easy to play with words; this way, many of my students could also remember them easily.  These ‘worst possible translations’ stimulate the mind; they are puzzling and fun.  No threat of testing or failure.  Just play!

  1. Take its Air
  2. It stayed in Air
  3. Ant with horse
  4. Without Argument
  5. Armchair stick
  6. The arriving station … (announced at every station on the Ankara Metro lines )
  7. It is pigeon, it is ash, we left
  8. Back returning, Back winning
  9. Rip in Banana
  10. Become parsley to everything
  11. He became sugar
  12. Bees gave son
  13. Belly at four road
  14. I split its belly
  15. X, Y, Z belts
  16. Between eyebrow and eye
  17. With you coffee between how
  18. Bird doesn’t land
  19. Bird nose
  20. Black N’Elephant
  21. Black arm
  22. Black chicken
  23. Black money
  24. Bleeding was cut
  25. Blind knife
  26. Bloodlessness makes strengthlessness
  27. Boil the lesson
  28. Bread seeds
  29. Break break
  30. Bright day
  31. I broke off to you
  32. They broke from laughing
  33. My little big brother, one thing won’t happen
  34. She bucketed the dog.
  35. Camel bird
  36. You pulled me to careful
  37. It took my careful
  38. A one-eye Circle
  39. The head looker chewed our rights
  40. She stayed in the class
  41. Climb out of the dormitory
  42. Climb to head strategy
  43. He made close about inflation
  44. Chicken cause to Collapse
  45. My coming to school isn’t coming
  46. Come the work is beautiful
  47. Come to gas
  48. Come with ball
  49. Come with horse
  50. Coming side he lay
  51. She conceived new tea
  52. Corner writer
  53. They removed him crow pump to 3rd layer
  54. Go correct then turn to alive from belly
  55. I make curiosity, I split from curiosity
  56. This telephone doesn’t cut me
  57. She couldn’t cut how happy she would be.
  58. He caused to cut from sleeplessness
  59. Don’t cut my word
  60. Day association
  61. He made head eye disrupting presentation
  62. I dissolved the man
  63. He distributed my careful
  64. When rain Divorces glass
  65. Ankara is growing like a Donkey
  66. Dream up foot
  67. He drew side
  68. Drink cigarette
  69. Drink opener
  70. Drink vision
  71. From drink to drink she knew
  72. He’s driving foot
  73. The N’s dropped on my head
  74. Dry ate
  75. Dry head
  76. He became dust
  77. It disperses head
  78. It ironed my head
  79. Ear breast
  80. Ear on camel
  81. Ear visitor
  82. Eat brush/ fist/ gas/ goal/ head/ needle/ quince/
  83. When egg touches door
  84. Electricity crashed
  85. Elephant According to Zen
  86. Empty give
  87. I’m empty on market day
  88. Endless townshipless sea
  89. Two cats entered one into one
  90. Enter arm
  91. Enter desk
  92. It escaped from eye
  93. I escaped the film’s head
  94. On head establish tea; wait for collapse
  95. Day Excessive
  96. Expense foot
  97. Extract the taste
  98. Eye baby
  99. His eye bit
  100. Her eye is black
  101. Eye colouring
  102. My eye didn’t cut
  103. My eye didn’t eat
  104. His eye skidded
  105. My Eye stayed on the road
  106. He took out from eye
  107. I Fainted
  108. The imam fainted
  109. The telephone didn’t Fall
  110. Famous letters a e i o u
  111. He fell a lot on top of her
  112. I have Fire
  113. He fell to bed passing year
  114. First hand tribe
  115. He made one with floor
  116. He was folded to the result
  117. The Foreigner didn’t come
  118. Foreigner doesn’t park
  119. Foot top
  120. Forked voice
  121. A Forty foot
  122. From the desk
  123. From your face I cannot sleep
  124. Game weather
  125. Gave Tuesday
  126. Three gene cheese
  127. Girl increase
  128. Girl doesn’t want the flowers
  129. He didn’t give 100
  130. Give kilos
  131. Give the horse to your pocket
  132. Thin backed glass
  133. Goes foot
  134. He was grazed cigarette
  135. Guitar curtain
  136. Don’t hair
  137. Hair roasting
  138. Hand in ear
  139. It went to our handsome
  140. Hang the class
  141. Head bees
  142. It/ the sun came to her head
  143. Health cooker
  144. Health to your hands
  145. Heavy pulling film
  146. High voice
  147. Hill eye
  148. I hit my emotions to out
  149. Hit your head
  150. What she holds, she rips off
  151. Hold face
  152. He hooked free
  153. Horse to blood
  154. Hot pressed
  155. House meat
  156. 100 at 100 communication
  157. I hit he doesn’t hear
  158. Immediately immediately
  159. He threw insurance
  160. She gave me intelligence
  161. Intelligent day
  162. Iron head
  163. Island tea
  164. Tea January
  165. We caused to jump cheap
  166. My pink knee
  167. Knife money operation
  168. The lamp is burning
  169. My Language cheese
  170. Last degree important
  171. It is years we have our law
  172. Level dressed
  173. He made high Licence
  174. Like a bomb
  175. Little ice isn’t
  176. From one little he will turn back
  177. From the most little he gave news
  178. Look at its taste
  179. Look angle
  180. Look stay
  181. Low hearted
  182. Do Make break
  183. He used money managemently from worklessness
  184. May love be
  185. “What does that mean?” (After “Thank you!”)
  186. Like mercury one girl
  187. Don’t be minus
  188. Mister bird
  189. Mister mister
  190. Monkey appetite
  191. Two moons he didn’t climb to his pocket
  192. In the blind of the morning/ In the waters of the morning…
  193. Morning morning the opium didn’t explode you came on top of me
  194. Mother food
  195. Mother road
  196. Give eye Mountain
  197. From first mouth
  198. Mouth habit
  199. Mudship
  200. My name my name to head bee
  201. Narrow tree
  202. No loves
  203. Don’t make me number
  204. What news from goodness?
  205. One in forty years
  206. One in the gap
  207. One moment before
  208. One thing isn’t
  209. Open general tea
  210. Open the phone/ TV/ radio
  211. Paste work
  212. I have a Pension
  213. Period possession
  214. Its pepper is in its Place
  215. He became one with Place
  216. Play dance
  217. Pleasant jackal
  218. My pocket pulled 3 sticks
  219. He became powder
  220. You pull what comes to head
  221. Pull money at the head of the month
  222. Pull oil, pull polish, pull road
  223. Pull notes to clean
  224. Put eye, put hand
  225. Rabbit blood tea
  226. Read the square
  227. Reddened nuclei
  228. Everything is on the road
  229. Roadlessness
  230. Give end of Rope
  231. Round account
  232. He became rude ear
  233. Rude draft
  234. Rude uncle
  235. Said put
  236. I understood saying I am thinking
  237. Science works circle head blood
  238. From throwing scissors between ribbon, he made to goose
  239. Scorpion and Wind chaser
  240. Scratch its gold
  241. I sea
  242. Sea mother
  243. Your essential security came to its place
  244. Take security to gold
  245. Sell his mother
  246. Good journeys from the sentence
  247. Sew trees
  248. Shall we scream
  249. From to Shelf
  250. Sh.. to dog
  251. My shoe hit my foot
  252. Sky belt
  253. Shall we rise from slow?
  254. Slow voice
  255. Soldier cake
  256. Snakes change shirt
  257. Easy as ripping sock
  258. Look at the solution of your head
  259. Sparrow finger
  260. Spill to writing
  261. Spill the accounts
  262. I spilt my wolves
  263. Stamp pepper
  264. Stay French
  265. He stepped on 28
  266. Sterile loop
  267. Sting her nose
  268. Stretch arm wing
  269. Stomach – lock, name, road
  270. Stuffed pencil
  271. Steal chin / violin
  272. Stretch arm wing
  273. Sweat clean
  274. She took days from 9
  275. Take kilos
  276. Take mister
  277. Take scissors
  278. Talk heavy
  279. Its taste escaped
  280. Remove its taste
  281. Tea January
  282. Tell easy to come
  283. Give Ten moon
  284. I cannot come to thin works
  285. Throw stomach
  286. He has tension
  287. My feathers became thistle thistle
  288. We thought with see house
  289. Throw air/ hand
  290. Throw my subject
  291. Time slipping
  292. My Toilet came
  293. Cigarette/ milk/cat Touches
  294. Trace my dream
  295. Turns capital
  296. Under the armchair
  297. Under construction
  298. I made my under
  299. You must take from under
  300. Underpants don’t stop
  301. Unpullable
  302. Up down
  303. Useless child
  304. I recommend it with Violence
  305. Vote pepper, fill pepper
  306. Waist partner
  307. I wait with 4 eyes
  308. Go to walkship
  309. Walk your eye
  310. Cause your guess to Walk
  311. Washing water
  312. He became Waterflower
  313. Don’t pass waves
  314. She wore the decision
  315. Don’t wear it on your head
  316. The weightness collapsed on me
  317. Wet cake
  318. The passengership drove where if 3 hours.
  319. Take winter with high sound
  320. I wish disability
  321. Whisker share
  322. With house
  323. Without December
  324. in Width at end
  325. With hand ate (Sinop)
  326. a Wolf in my apple
  327. It came to her Work
  328. The work fell to head
  329. this Work is with No
  330. This work has passed from work,
  331. Years came from my eye
  332. Your Dog, Your cheque
  333. He got a zero car

A few Turkish place names: Air Stop (railway station), Army, Broken Castle, Celebrated Wedding, Cut Bridge, Fish Prisoner, Forties Its Hand, Goat Knitter, Higher Watery Yogurt Maker, Lower Entertainment, My lesson, Opium, Pain, Salty, Sewinghouse, Stale / Mr.Horse, Thursday, Wednesday,…

Some well known people:  Sea Mr.Stay, State with Garden,

 And a story, that was already ‘going around’ in 1994

Hasan was a very heavy headed boy. His father was a middle stationed man. To make his son read in good schools he did everything coming from his hand. He took everything to eye. His mother was a house woman. Every job used to come from her hand. In making food there was no one on top of her. The taste of her observations made you eat your fingers. This woman made her hair a brush for her son. When Hasan became sick, she cried her two eyes two fountains.

When Hasan finished lycee he wanted to be a tooth doctor, and he entered the university exams and won Tootherness School. In the school he met Jale. Hasan was hit to Jale in first look but Jale was not hit to him in the first look. However her blood boiled to him. A few weeks later they cooked the job. Jale’s father was a money-father. He turned the corner many years ago by making dreamy export. But Jale was not like her father. She was a very low hearted girl. Her father was wanting to make her marry to his soldierness friend’s son Abdurrahim. Abdurrahim finished first school and didn’t read later. He became a rough uncle. He started to turn dirty jobs when he was a crazy blooded man. He was his mother’s eye. He said, “HIK” and he fell from his father’s nose. So three under, five up he was like his father.

When he saw Jale, he put eye to her. His inside went. His mouth got watered. His eyes opened like a fortune stone. To be able to see Jale, Hasan’s inside was eating his inside. Finally, together they went to a park. When they were wrinkling in the park, Abdurrahim saw them. First he pulled a deep inside. And then his eyes turned. He couldn’t control himself. He wanted to send them to the “village with wood”, but he collected himself. He decided to leave them head to head. At that moment the devil poked him. He fit to the devil, pulled this gun and fired. However, a man passing stayed under lead rain and poor man went to who hit. He planted the horseshoes. Then the mirrorless came. They took all of them under eye. Jale’s inside was blood crying. The man died eye seeing seeing. And so, this job finished in the blackarm.

A question: Does anyone know when Chicken translation first started?

Loan translations                                     Anu Garg  26/3/2013

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Overman… That’s what residents of Metropolis might be saying had the creators of Superman comics chosen a different translation of the German word Übermensch. Welcome to the world of loan translations.

When we fill a gap in our language by taking a term from another tongue, we go about it in several ways. The most straightforward is borrowing a term from another language, such as sang-froid from French. At other times, we borrow the term but mold it to fit its new surroundings. When we brought the Hindi word jagannath into English, we anglicized it to juggernaut.

In loan translation, we go a step further. Instead of borrowing the term as is, or borrowing and adapting, we literally translate it into our language. When the German word Übermensch landed on English shores, it was translated as superman though it could very well have been aboveman or overman (from German über: above, beyond, etc.).

The term loan translation itself is a loan translation from German Lehnübersetzung. This week we’ll look at five terms formed by a process of loan translation.

Claire Özel