Easy:  Ninja star, 8 pointed Ninja star (transforming)

Limping seagulls Unitary Origami, from simple to complex.

Tesselation Origami especially Hydrangea

CRIMP: Centre de Recherche International de Modelisation par le Pli shares ways to make natural organic shapes – to move on from prescriptive to creative folding!

Origami something general with videos. A lot of advertising, but this should save the site from disappearing, like Paperfolding.com

Carambola Carmen Sprung’s 5 petalled flower – Columbine, Aquilegia.

Geometric shapes – Dragon’s Egg.  Ilan Garibi makes impressive shapes: such as Hilula,

Unitary Origami  – KusudamaLoop Kusudama

Origami by an expert Robert Lang.   Robert Lang on TED Talks: Mathematics of Origami

Micheal Kosmulsky 

Computational Origami and other explorations by Eric Demaine

Nguyễn Hùng Cường “Dazzling Origami”, but how does he make the waves and air flows below the shark and eagle?