Disability in Turkey

UniDisSupSys – TR-UK” the 2007 EU-funded project which took 5 people from Turkey to Bristol, UK, for a week. We visited 2 universities and several NGOs to meet stakeholders involved in supporting disabled university students.  The information and understanding was presented on our return to 28 people from 19 universities, at the First Turkish Workshop on University and Disability.  This became an annual tradition; the 10th Turkish Workshop on University and Disability took place in 2016 at Anadolu University, Eskişehir.

EGED Turkish Association of Visually Impaired in Education now works across all disabilities.  In 2014 and 2015 Sabancı Foundation sponsored EGED’s project “Disabled University Students’ Initative”.

METU Disability Support Coordination Unit

From a Simple Request to National Impact (2019) describes how Mario Rinvolucri played a key role in the start of my journey to setting up disability support units that are now required at all Turkish universities

Turkey’s youngest cane user In 2006, for the first time a young child was given a cane…

A student with special needs… in MY class?!  METU ELT Convention 1998. My first paper on disability in education, starting from where I was: visually impaired learners in an intensive university English language preparation programme.

Beginners in the Dark work started with blind children, then taken into mainstream teaching.  METU ELT Convention 2000

A Special Interest Group on Disability  First considerations of how disabled students could be officially supported during their English learning.  IATEFLA Symposium, Sabanci University, 2003.

Way beyond the Rubicon November 2003, written on the 1st anniversary of Ruby Khan’s untimely death. Your spirit carried me through hard moments of bitter isolation. Today – 14.8.2007 – Asia is celebrating 60 years since Partition. Ruby, in the early 1960’s your family moved westwards to Britain; in 1993, you guided me as I was moving eastwards, to Turkey.  Though you were never able to write down all those stories you had in mind, incidents in yet another wave of human migration, your memory and your energy live on. İyi ki vardın.

“Feel your way around an unknown classroom”  Guardian Weekly, 13 November 2003

İlkay Dinç Uyaroğlu’s PhD thesis from METU Architecture Department “Performance Evaluation and Design Guidelines for Equitable Access of Students with Disabilities in University Campus Outdoor Environments]”, 2015, Supervisor Prof. Dr. Ali Cengizkan, and Prof. Dr. Selahattin Önür