Disability Awareness

Models of Disability – plain English text, for easier understanding by non-native English speakers.

Simulations: the limitations of simulations that are often used so that non-disabled people “can experience for a short time”.

Questioning  Assumptions” awareness developed during our first EU-funded experience.

ENIL – European Network for Independent Living.

“Kicking Down the Doors: from Borstal Boy to University Professor” Prof.Mike Oliver documentary film (2018).  A story from the beginning, his early career and with many insights into the recent history of disability rights and academia.

Teacher training and Disability awareness: a one semester course “Working with Disabled People” (2006, METU), report submitted to a distance MEd course at Bath University, Disability and Rehabilitation Education.

Until “Bahar Yılmaz” develops her website, some of her writings are available here