6 Questions: Measure on Disability

The Washington Group on Disability Statistics developed the “Short Set of Questions on Disability” to standardise information that can be obtained from censuses.

 Rationale for the Short Set

The questions.

  1. Do you have difficulty seeing, even if wearing glasses?
  2. Do you have difficulty hearing, even if using a hearing aid?
  3. Do you have difficulty walking or climbing steps?
  4. Do you have difficulty remembering or concentrating?
  5. Do you have difficulty (with self-care such as) washing all over or dressing?
  6. Using your usual (customary) language, do you have difficulty communicating, for example understanding or being understood?

with 4 possible answers for each question:

a. No – no difficulty
b. Yes – some difficulty
c. Yes – a lot of difficulty
d. Cannot do at all