Disability – Global

World Health OrganisationWHO 2011 World Report on Disability   –    

15.6% of global population are estimated to have a disability (1 billion people); 19.2% women and 12.0% men.  Age data: 5% of children under 18, increases to almost 40% of people 60 and above.  It is more common among low income populations: 80% of people with disabilities live in middle-low income countries; poor people in any country are at greater risk: of living in lower quality environments, contracting diseases or having accidents, having less access to treatment, etc.  People who are disabled are at greater risk of becoming poorer.

INDUS – Now has information about worldwide projects on Access and Inclusion in Education.  This site was set up to save materials from the website of “Towards Inclusive Universities by Empowering Disabled Students” 2008-9 EU funded project.  In 2016 it emerged as INDUS International Network of/for Disabled University Students.

MIUSA – Collaboration since 2012 to develop Mentoring and advising Turkish students on exchange and study abroad programs.

Inclusive Education links worldwide National organisations in countries across the world, especially low income countries.

VIEWS – Visually Impaired Education and Work Support.  EGED is the Turkish member of VIEWS

2015 VIEWS training course Adapt me if you can”, for blind and sighted participants (youth workers and young people) from 7 EU countries met to develop games from their countries, so that anyone (sighted or not) could play together

1 Blind, 1 Blond in India July 2013

TV Glad Danish Radio TV run by people with learning disabilities.  The introductory video in English and some examples of their work

Disability in Georgia – 2014 ;   Anna Gaguadze, a photographer who organises Tbilisi’s annual Children’s Festival

Stanardised census questions to effectively identify many disabled people in a population:6 Questions: Measure on Disability

Rolling Rains Universal design, travel opportunities and inclusive tourism.  Scott Rains.

Action on Access, the national provider of coordination and support for widening participation and access to higher education in the UK.

Raising the Floor, making the web and mobile technologies accessible to everyone with disability, literacy and aging-related barriers, regardless of their economic status.

“Towards Inclusive Universities” links to information from over 15 countries.

British Council Study Tour Report An 8 day programme to investigate support for disabled students at 7 British universities, meet people from 5 NGOs and many individuals active in the UK disability movement. November 2004

Iran 2004 Before getting on the bus in Ankara I’d started to attempt basic Farsi sentences; 38 hours later I arrived in Tehran for 9 intense days, meeting people who have since carried on working together. August 2004

Euro-Med “Sports for All”, Cairo July 2004 Turkish official report and Questioning assumptions, written by the Turkish participants at “Sports for All” EuroMed project in Cairo, July 2004.