Accessible travel + tourism

Exchangeability a sub-group of the Erasmus Student Network that aims to increase the number of students with disabilities going on exchange.  Also ESN’s Mobility without Borders

MIUSA Mobility International USA has many resources and stories of disabled people travelling and living in a wide range of countries.

International Exchange with a Disability: Enhancing Experiences Abroad through Advising and Mentoring Holben and Özel  (2015)   Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, Vol. 28-4 p405-412

1 Blind, 1 Blond in India July 2012

Adventures beyond Barriers, India

Accessible Museums

Blindtraveling has blind travelers’ views on Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Dysabled and Proud Simon Stevens’ travels

Rolling Rains Universal design, travel opportunities and inclusive tourism.  Scott Rains.

Visually impaired guides in Western Nepal:  HEAD

European Network for Accessible TourismSocial Tourism European Exchanges Platform

World Tourism Organisation “Ethics and Social Responsibility – Accessible Tourism”

Travel tips for Disabled Travellers

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