I’m Claire Özel.

I live in Ankara, Turkey.  I have been working at the Middle East Technical University since 1996. I’ve been actively involved with Disability issues since 1995.

Born in Britain, grew up in France, studied Genetics at Manchester University then started an MSc at McGill (Montreal, Canada)… before life bounced me back to Britain.


Non-Violent communicationNon-Violent communication and other approaches: Peaceful ways of living and perceiving, expressing and resolving disagreements are increasingly necessary

The Empathic Civilisation – Genetics, Neurobiology, History, Society, … all tied together in Empathy

The Environment: some issues stress us and others bring great pleasure.

The Zero Marginal Cost Society Jeremy Rifkin  “…100 trillion Internet sensors by 2030… connecting with everyone in one global neural network”

I like learning languages.     Education and learning

The Elastic Brain  Merzenich on Neuroplasticity

I’ve collected useful links and made another set of interesting things.

Claire Özel – Claire Thomas

3 Responses to English

  1. Cesar Mendizabal says:

    My name is Cesar Cortez. I am an EFL teacher working in Mexico at a Junior High Public School. This year I am facing a few classes teaching kids with learning and physical dissabilities. I would like to know more about how I can handle this situation. I would also like to ask you in what other aspects has the presence of SEN (students with special needs) affected regular classroom settings and perhaps make a comparison between Mexico and Turkey. I hope you will find the time to answer this request.

  2. HP says:

    Thank you for sharing all this Claire 🙂 HP x

  3. paul bernard stevens says:

    I was interested in all of this

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